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My name's Cody, full name Cody Alexander Smolens. I'm 23. Birthday is February 14th. I'm a bit of a goof, a nerd, and a kindhearted friend. Come enjoy my sporadic, ska driven mind. SKANK ON MY GOOD TUMBLR FOLK.


Saw Poor Jeremy live, tonight, for the first time ever. My knees hurt from skanking so much, my voice is a bit raspy from singing along when they covered Suicide Machines’ “Hey”, and I had my first taste and day of PAX East. It’s been a good vacation so far.

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Well then… Only mere hours remain until I travel to the mythical land of Boston, Mass. I could not be more excited that I got to actually go to PAX East this year. If any of you fine Tumblr folk, even those who follow me, happen to be attending too and recognize me don’t hesitate to come say hello. I’m pretty approachable and love talking to most. With that being said, off to bead for me!

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