Just My Life


My name's Cody, full name Cody Alexander Smolens. I'm 23. Birthday is February 14th. I'm a bit of a goof, a nerd, and a kindhearted friend. Come enjoy my sporadic, ska driven mind. SKANK ON MY GOOD TUMBLR FOLK.


I hate this. I grow so tired of this feeling. Why do I keep worrying about losing my best friend out of my life? WHY? Why am I so afraid that I’ll wake up one day and she’s just done with me? I KNOW far better than this. I know that it’s not true, that it won’t happen, and yet my mind chooses to fill with this worry. I’m nearing my wits end and I don’t know what to do anymore…

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Got my tin of Beard Balm today! Thanks to Rob for the sweet doodle that came with. Definitely looking forward to buying my next tin, when this one is tapped out.

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Horribly depressed and drinking a Newcastle, and worrying about the person I care for most in the world. Can I please just go back to August 7th-9th and never leave that?

2 notes self thoughts self post drinking bummed sad depressed worried this Newcastle will not solve my problems but it drowns my sorrows upset

Nerdiness of my day: running a Gameboy Color emulator on an iPad Mini, that is jailbroken, to play Pokemon Crystal, and controlling it all with a Playstation 3 controller. Wut.

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